Section 8 Housing

What is Section 8 Housing?

Section 8 Housing is designed to help individuals who are homeless and those who cannot afford housing. The housing development provides applications to those who wish to fill out one. After an application is filled out, then it will either be denied or approved pending on the information that is provided.


Section 8 Eligibility

There are certain requirements that are taken into consideration that determines whether an individual is eligible. Some states base the income requirement on three levels. The bottom bracket is usually awarded section 8 and the other two brackets are usually put on a waiting list.

There are other requirements other than low income. Each household that applies for Section 8 must live in the same city or county in which they wish to reside. However, if any member has been convicted of a felony, this will cause them to be automatically denied.

All applicants will be required to show proof of who they are and that they reside at the address in the county that are applying. Proof would include paystubs, utility bills, birth certificates, social security cards and a recent photo ID.

How to Apply

Applications can be accessed either by going online or through their local housing authority for a physical application. After the application is filled out, it can be either mailed, faxed or delivered in person. Since the registering process takes a long time to complete, it is very important that the application is filled out as accurate as possible.

Some of the questions included with Section 8 are those dealing with income sources, child support payments, property ownership and residency. Identification and any related information should also be supplied for each household member. Once a completed application has been submitted, the status can be checked by going online or contacting the local housing authority. For more info click on section 8 housing.

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